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We are excited that you are interested in partnering with Every Child!

The Every Child ministry is a collaborative effort of the church in WNY to care for every child in need within our reach – both locally and globally.

We have a number of partnerships and alliances that directly enable us break down barriers and make it as easy as possible for the church to meet the needs of the defenseless and vulnerable in our communities. Noted below are the most common forms of partnership as well as some next steps to move forward with pursuing a partnership or alliance with us. Also, there is a link at the bottom of this page to graphics and other materials that may be helpful to you. Anything not covered in this section, please contact us for more information.

Church Partnership

One of our primary goals is to break down barriers and make it as easy as possible for the church to care for the defenseless and vulnerable. This is where church leadership comes in… Watch this short video explaining “why the church?”

At a high level, each congregation needs to be willing to:

Envision Your Congregation – Launch the ministry to your congregation when ready. Don’t worry – we will help you! Before we get too far though, it is critically important that your Senior/Lead Pastor drives the initiative not just with words, but actions.

Share Resources – In addition to financial and volunteer support, each partner congregation will need to identify a staff point person and a volunteer coordinator to ensure proper attention is given to the launch and maintenance of ministry activity within your context (such as identifying and fulfilling needs, communication, etc.). Also, there is a need for a staff point person that can make financial decisions where needed (such as facility usage or adoption funding).

Identify & Communicate – Identify families interested in foster care and adoption as well as those interested in volunteering to support families. Communicate ways to get involved considering the specific needs within your congregation as well as those presented from others in the greater body.

Equip Families and Volunteers – Be prepared and willing to host training events for potential foster and adoptive families. You will also need to consider facilitating volunteer coordination meetings to outline expectations and secure level of interest and commitment, as well as hosting family events and support groups where applicable. Pointing them to our social media outlets (Facebook & Twitter) is always a great way to keep people in the communicative loop!

So, what does this mean for your day-to-day?

Funding – Encourage your congregation to provide financial support and donations for local volunteer activities, an adoption fund, donation center, etc.

Space – Consider providing meeting space (where available) for orientations, training classes, support groups, visitation, counseling, tutoring, etc.

Environment – Provide a safe environment for children to heal and families to grow spiritually; take steps toward creating an “adoption culture” within the congregation by educating your congregation and volunteers on the dynamics of foster care and adoption.

Coordination – Identify a point person to coordinate resources, recruit volunteers and work closely with the agency/county to provide needed support to children and families.

If you are interested in taking the first step toward partnership, please contact us and we will be happy to help get you started!

County / Agency Partnership

We determined early on that the best option for the church is to partner with those already working and serving in the social services arena in our communities. We do recognize that not every agency we work with or refer to will share in our faith-based motivation. That’s OK – it’s not a requirement at all! We have successfully partnered and/or aligned with county and state administration as well as professionals at non-profit organizations, domestic and international adoption agencies and private adoption attorneys. There is an understanding that we are motivated by our faith and that is unwavering, but it shouldn’t get in the way of helping people – we believe it will enhance it!

Our partner relationships are of great importance to us as we look to function as a bridge from your organization to the church – not only for the purposes of recruitment, but education and support for children and families in our communities.

At a high level, each partner would direct and/or assist in:

Home Finding– matching families, home studies, certification processes

Ongoing Training and Support – re-certification, training/support group coordination, case management, clinical support, post-adoption services

Family Support / Needs Identification – bringing awareness to situations where natural supports are unable to meet a specific need

There is certainly more to the relationship, so if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss further!

Graphics Package

Download Every Child Graphics package
Graphics package includes various print material, screen graphics, and a promo video